19 - 21 December 2017
Milad Tower , Tehran , Iran

The registration process for the exhibition
- Complete and submit an electronic application form (The eForm for reserving an exhibitor booth).
- Preliminary selection plans in the map gallery.
- Payment of 40% of the booth rental fee (Via bank account number or payment gateway).
- Receive payment confirmation and final registration.
Terms & Conditions
- The final registration for a booth's space is only completed after the payment of the registration fee.
- Priority assignment of your booth location depends on the payment time of the initial registration fee and finalising of the electronic application form.
- Sign up for the booth will be possible within the stated time. Please do not send any registration forms or payments after that.
- The remainder of your registration fee should be paid a week before Congress.
- After the final registration, any change of the initial booth space configuration will be only possible by the exhibition management confirmation.
- The exhibition management must be notified in writing by e-mail about the cancellation of the registration maximum 30 days before time of the congress. Please note that 60% of any expenses are deductible.The appropriate refunds will be made after the Congress.
- Booth delivery date and time will be announced a week before holding of Congress.
- The presence of exhibitors at the stand is compulsory. For security reasons and to ensure all exhibitors can move freely at the event, everyone working in your stand need to carry an exhibitor photo ID card.
Other Advertising Opportunities
- For renting out advertising space in the ebook for papers, stands, forms, posters or other printed matters and etc. please contact the Advertising Committee.
- Advertising space on website is available. Please refer to ADS link